Reasons to Pre-plan

Pre-planned burial arrangements can reduce costs, ease stress on surviving family members.

By Neil Newcomb, Diocesan Director of Cemeteries

Pre-need burial arrangements are those planned and purchased prior to death, sometimes years or decades before the need arises. A large percentage of purchases of burial space at Holy Cross Cemetery are pre-arranged. Making arrangements in advance shows thoughtful, pro-active planning and makes economic sense.

Four important reasons for making burial arrangements in advance:

1. Peace of mind
The grave, crypt or niche can be pre-selected by all family members at a convenient, stress free time. There will be no need to guess or disagreement about what your exact wishes really were. Your attention to these details now assures your funeral will be less stressful and easier on your family at a very difficult time.

2. Economical advantage
Historically, burial and funeral costs increase annually. Because of this, pre-need arrangements represent significant financial savings. Purchase exactly what you want, at today’s lower prices.

3. Deferred payments and payment options
Funeral and burial costs are expenses every individual will eventually pay. Holy Cross Cemetery has interest free financing and payments plans that are available only for pre-need purchases. Payment at the time of death is required in full prior to burial. Holy Cross payment plans are available for all burial options including: mausoleum and columbarium spaces, traditional ground burial, cremation burial and lawn crypts for double interments. This allows families to allocate burial costs as a nominal budget expense for a predictable period of time. Pre-need arrangements represent the most cost effective and inexpensive way to plan your or your family’s final expenses.

4. Preferred burial location
By selecting your burial space in advance, you are letting it be known that you have chosen a Catholic cemetery for your needs. This conveys to those executing your wishes the commitment you have made during your lifetime to your Catholic faith and will be evident in your choice of final resting place. You can also choose to be buried near other family members and in a location you find attractive and peaceful. Holy Cross Cemetery provides a place of continuity and tradition valued by families through many generations and offers many varied and beautiful locations. A Catholic cemetery is a beautiful reminder of our faith, sacred ground that also displays the symbols of our hope in the resurrection.

For more information or make an appointment with the staff of Holy Cross Cemetery to discuss your needs, call (906) 225-0191 for the Marquette location or (906) 786-4685 for the Escanaba location.